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Bamboo Cutlery Ensemble

Bamboo Cutlery Ensemble

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Why Choose the Bamboo Cutlery Ensemble?

The Bamboo Cutlery Ensemble is a testament to sustainability and style. An eco-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on elegance, it allows you to make a green choice without sacrificing quality.

Each piece in this set is made from 100% quality bamboo, a fast-growing grass as durable as wood. Ideal for daily home use, this ensemble is also perfect for travel, office, school, camping, and picnics.

The lightweight pouch, available in various appealing colors, is not just handy and compact but also stylish. An ideal gift for the eco-conscious friends and family in your life.

Bamboo Cutlery Ensemble Features:

Crafted from 100% Quality Bamboo
Eco-friendly and Reusable
Portable with Stylish Pouch
Perfect for Various Uses

Bamboo Cutlery Ensemble Specifications:

100% Quality Bamboo

Cutlery Travel Set Includes:
Bamboo Spoon, Fork, Knife, Pair of Chopsticks, Straw, Straw Clean Brush, and Cutlery Pouch with Hook

Pouch Color Options:
Light Green, Army Green, and Creamy White

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