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Dumbbell Fitness Water Bottle

Dumbbell Fitness Water Bottle

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Why Choose the Dumbbell Fitness Water Bottle?

The Dumbbell Fitness Water Bottle merges the passion of fitness and the necessity of hydration into a single, impactful product.

Imagine holding a tool that does double duty: a water carrier and a fitness symbol. As you sip water from this unique bottle, you're reminded of the strength and resilience that defines you.

This is more than just a bottle - it's a statement of a healthy and active lifestyle. And with its 2.2L capacity, it's perfectly equipped to keep you hydrated through intense workouts or long outdoor activities.

Key Features:

Unique Dumbbell Design
Large 2.2L Capacity
Easy-to-Carry with Handle and Push Cap


Material: PETG
Capacity: 2.2L
Features: BPA-free, not suitable for hot liquids, not microwave-safe.

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