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Lemon Splash Bottle

Lemon Splash Bottle

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Why Choose the Lemon Splash Bottle?

The Lemon Splash Bottle encapsulates the essence of a well-balanced lifestyle. It's a companion that serves not just your hydration needs but does so in a fashion that is as vibrant and refreshing as the concept of love.

Much like soulmates who brighten each other's lives, the Lemon Splash Bottle, with its multi-color design, brings a splash of color to your day-to-day hydration routine.

Its inbuilt squeezer, designed for extracting fresh lemon juice, can be seen as a symbol of extracting the best from our lives, much like finding your other half brings out the best in you.

With the Lemon Splash Bottle, embrace the perfect fusion of utility and style, creating an experience as unique as finding your soulmate.

Key Features:

Matte body with multiple color choices
Inbuilt lemon squeezer
Convenient carry cord
Great for outdoor activities


Material: Matte body, stainless steel bowl cover, nylon handle cord
Color: Rose Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Orange
Size: 24.3 x 7 cm
Capacity: 650ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Charlotte Funk

I love this very cool😊

Oral Morissette

Came very quickly. Ordered on May 17, arrived on June 3. Packed in a putter. It's all great. Seller Thank you

Herbert Hayes

Came very quickly. Ordered on May 17, arrived on June 3. Packed in a putter. It's fine, but ordered yellow, and came raspberry. For this 4 stars.

Julius Cummerata

I am using it all the time

Lamar Berge

Good product quality. fast order fulfillment. I recommend