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SpinClean Triangle Mop

SpinClean Triangle Mop

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SpinClean Triangle Mop: Effortless Cleaning with 360° Precision

Make cleaning a breeze with the SpinClean Triangle Mop, equipped with a 360° rotatable mop head that effortlessly reaches every corner of your space.

The adjustable cleaning tray allows for customized cleaning angles, ensuring no dust or dirt is left behind.

With its easily maneuverable design, this mop is a game-changer in achieving a spotless home, while the extra-long 1.3m pole ensures you can reach high and low spaces with ease.

Advanced Cleaning Efficiency with Quick Absorption

Experience advanced cleaning efficiency with the SpinClean Triangle Mop, featuring a thickened and encrypted microfiber mop cloth for superior dirt and dust removal.

The quick water absorption within 5 seconds ensures efficient cleaning without the hassle of waiting, making your cleaning routine faster and more effective.

With its innovative design and advanced features, this mop takes the chore out of cleaning, leaving your floors spotless and your cleaning routine streamlined.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Katelin Feest

I do not use it yet but it is the same as the one published with its extra sponge.

Florine Walsh


Drew Hauck

Very beautiful and easy to use

Mellie Bartell

The product has come as described. What I don't understand is how the 3 holes are filled with water and detergent without spilling everything on the sides. Does not absorb it and yellow caps cannot be removed

Marcelo Jenkins

absolutely handy just as seen in the pictures