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Sporty Mist Water Bottle

Sporty Mist Water Bottle

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Why Choose the Sporty Mist Water Bottle?

The Sporty Mist Water Bottle is more than just a hydration solution - it's a lifestyle companion that embodies the dynamic spirit of the modern athlete.

Like the inevitable magnetic attraction between soulmates, this unique bottle draws the attention of those leading an active lifestyle, seeking balance between strength and relaxation, work and leisure, speed and tranquility.

Just as two halves of a soul unite to form a more powerful entity, this innovative bottle combines the refreshing experience of a mist spray with the essential functionality of a water bottle.

Embrace the Sporty Mist Water Bottle - a hydration companion designed to make every workout feel like a cool breeze.

Key Features:

Innovative mist spray design
Heat-resistant and convenient to carry
Leak-proof with a simple yet stylish appearance
Ideal for hiking, camping, and cycling


Material: Food Grade PC
Capacity: 400ml / 600ml
Color: Blue, Red, Yellow

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