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Straw Tableware Kit

Straw Tableware Kit

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Why Choose the Sporty Mist Water Bottle?

The Sporty Mist Water Bottle, crafted from wheat straw material, is the embodiment of eco-friendly athleticism and thoughtful design. This bottle brings harmony between your active lifestyle and a sustainable future, much like the beautiful convergence of soulmates on life's journey.

While we come across several choices in life, the best ones are often those that align with our core values. Choosing this Sporty Mist Water Bottle is a reflection of your commitment to the environment and your health.

Allow the Sporty Mist Water Bottle to accompany you on your adventures, serving as a reminder of the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability.

Key Features:

Environment-friendly wheat straw material
Portable design with easy carry handle
Sleek and modern aesthetic

Material: Wheat Straw
Package Includes: Sporty Mist Water Bottle with Portable Box, Wheat Knife, Fork, Spoon, and Chopsticks

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