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ZenFrost Migraine Soothe Hat

ZenFrost Migraine Soothe Hat

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ZenFrost Migraine Soothe Hat: Extended Cold Therapy Comfort

Discover extended cold therapy comfort with the ZenFrost Migraine Soothe Hat.

Expert-grade gel ensures the hat stays cold longer, offering a prolonged and effective solution for migraine relief and stress reduction.

With a one-piece design that is stretchable and form-fitting, the hat provides optimal comfort while expertly covering the forehead and eyes with breathable and comfortable gel coverage.

Relief in Every Chill: Optimal Comfort and Extended Cooling

The ZenFrost Migraine Soothe Hat is crafted for optimal comfort and extended cooling to bring relief in every chill.

Its soothing blue gel not only provides eye strain relief but also contributes to the hat's stylish and calming appearance.

Ideal for migraine headaches and stress relief, this hat combines therapeutic effectiveness with a lasting cold sensation, as the gel keeps cold for at least 20-30 minutes. Embrace relief with style and functionality in one soothing accessory.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Garrison Spinka

Soft and nice material

Ewell Kertzmann

Very good. Arrived cold. Want to warm it. Microwave 10 seconds not enough

Hettie Padberg

SA chauffe bien

Catherine Robel

Very good product ! I have headaches very often, and I've owned a freezing headband for a certain time now (the ones with little jelly balls in it), one that goes on your forehead only. The problem with it was that it unfroze too quickly, and I often was left with a part of my head still hurting (the back, for exemple).
With this one, the whole head is cooled down, even the eyes when you happen to have a migraine ! I can say that for me, it is much more effective ! I am even seriously considering buying a second one, just for the rare times I have a migraine and the first one isn't enough.

Felicity Schoen

Looks good quality!