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ZeroWet Pet Drinking Station

ZeroWet Pet Drinking Station

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ZeroWet Pet Drinking Station: Hydration Made Easy

The ZeroWet Pet Drinking Station is the ultimate solution for keeping your furry friends well-hydrated. With its generous 2L capacity, it provides ample water storage for both cats and dogs, ensuring they stay hydrated throughout the day.

The innovative floating design keeps the water clean and fresh, preventing debris and dust from contaminating their drinking source.

Thanks to the non-wetting mouth feature, your pets can enjoy mess-free drinking, minimizing cleanup efforts while keeping them comfortable and satisfied.

On-the-Go Hydration with ZeroWet

ZeroWet Pet Drinking Station offers on-the-go convenience, with a portable design that's easy to carry wherever you and your pets venture. This versatile solution caters to both cats and dogs, making it a perfect companion for pet owners with multiple furry companions.

The ZeroWet Drinking Station's controlled water flow ensures no messy splashes or sprinkles, keeping your pets' drinking experience controlled and mess-free.

With this thoughtful design, your pets can stay refreshed and healthy, whether you're at home or on the move.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Geoffrey Langworth

furrbabies love it

Piper Ruecker

Bowl works as advertised; barely a drop spills out if any. Pets love it and so will you. Seller is one of the lowest price with fast shipping from China.

Elinore Bernhard

Super efficient bcp less water on the ground

Kenton Grant

Very comfortable drinking bowl. The dog does not spray water. I recommend it.

Carson Wolf

Amazing dog bowl that keep 99% of water inside. Barely one small drop came out from 2 huge dogs drinking at once. Price was lowest on the internet and shipping was fast.